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Dia. 8.0 MM

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TIBIA NAIL (UNIVERSAL) is an orthopedic implant used to stabilize fractures of the tibia, one of the bones in the lower leg. The nail is inserted into the bone marrow canal through a small incision, and then locked in place with screws to hold the bone fragments together while they heal. The universal design of the nail allows for use in a variety of fracture patterns and bone sizes, making it a versatile option for orthopedic surgeons.


Dia. 8.0 MM  
S.604.8.280 Length 280 mm T.2304.8.280
S.604.8.290 Length 290 mm T.2304.8.290
S.604.8.300 Length 300 mm T.2304.8.300
S.604.8.310 Length 310 T.2304.8.310
S.604.8.320 Length 320 mm T.2304.8.320
S.604.8.330 Length 330 mm T.2304.8.330
S.604.8.340 Length 340 mm T.2304.8.340
S.604.8.350 Length 350 mm T.2304.8.350
S.604.8.360 Length 360 mm T.2304.8.360
S.604.8.370 Length 370 mm T.2304.8.370
S.604.8.380 Length 380 mm T.2304.8.380
  Dia. 9.0 MM  
S.604.9.280 Length 280 mm T.2304.9.280
S.604.9.290 Length 290 mm T.2304.9.290
S.604.9.300 Length 300 mm T.2304.9.300
S.604.9.310 Length 310 mm T.2304.9.310
S.604.9.320 Length 320 mm T.2304.9.320
S.604.9.330 Length 330 mm T.2304.9.330
S.604.9.340 Length 340 mm T.2304.9.340
S.604.9.350 Length 350 mm T.2304.9.350
S.604.9.360 Length 360 mm T.2304.9.360
S.604.9.370 Length 370 mm< T.2304.9.370
S.604.9.380 Length 380 mm T.2304.9.380
  Dia. 10.0 MM  
S.604.10.280 Length 280 mm T.2304.10.280
S.604.10.290 Length 290 mm T.2304.10.290
S.604.10.300 Length 300 mm T.2304.10.300
S.604.10.310 Length 310 mm T.2304.10.310
S.604.10.320 Length 320 mm T.2304.10.320
S.604.10.330 Length 330 mm T.2304.10.330
S.604.10.340 Length 340 mm T.2304.10.340
S.604.10.350 Length 350 mm T.2304.10.350
S.604.10.360 Length 360 mm T.2304.10.360
S.604.10.370 Length 370 mm T.2304.10.370
S.604.10.380 Length 380 mm T.2304.10.380
  Dia. 11.0 MM  
S.604.11.280 Length 280 mm T.2304.11.280
S.604.11.290 Length 290 mm T.2304.11.290
S.604.11.300 Length 300 mm T.2304.11.300
S.604.11.310 Length 310 mm T.2304.11.310
S.604.11.320 Length 320 mm T.2304.11.320
S.604.11.330 Length 330 mm T.2304.11.330
S.604.11.340 Length 340 mm T.2304.11.340
S.604.11.350 Length 350 mm T.2304.11.350
S.604.11.360 Length 360 mm T.2304.11.360
S.604.11.370 Length 370 mm T.2304.11.370
S.604.11.380 Length 380 mm T.2304.11.380
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Frequently Asked Questions

The nail is inserted into the bone marrow canal through a small incision made in the skin. Once the nail is in place, locking screws are placed through the nail and into the bone to secure it in place.

A tibia nail (universal) is a surgical implant used to treat fractures of the tibia, which is the larger of the two bones in the lower leg. The nail is inserted into the tibia bone and secured with locking screws. The universal design of the nail allows for it to be used for a variety of tibia fractures and can be adjusted to fit the individual patient's anatomy.

The tibia nail (universal) is typically inserted through a small incision at the top of the tibia bone near the knee joint. A guide wire is first inserted into the bone to help guide the nail into place. The nail is then inserted through the incision and guided down the length of the tibia bone. Locking screws are then inserted into the nail to secure it in place.