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Dia. 1.5 ,2,2.5,3,3.5,4,MM

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SQUARE NAIL FOR ULNA is a type of orthopedic implant used in the treatment of fractures of the ulna bone in the forearm. It is a square-shaped metal rod that is inserted into the ulna bone to provide stability and support during the healing process. The square shape of the nail helps to prevent rotation of the bone and allows for better fixation compared to round nails.The procedure to insert the square nail involves making a small incision near the wrist or elbow and drilling a hole through the ulna bone. The nail is then inserted through the hole and secured with screws on either end. This stabilizes the bone and allows for proper healing.


Dia. 1.5 MM
S.621.U.15.180 180 MM
S.621.U.15.200 200 MM
S.621.U.15.220 220 MM
S.621.U.15.240 240 MM
S.621.U.15.260 260 MM
S.621.U.15.280 280 MM
S.621.U.15.300 300 MM
S.621.U.15.320 320 MM
S.621.U.15.340 340 MM
Dia. 2.0 MM
S.621.U.20.180 180 MM
S.621.U.20.200 200 MM
S.621.U.20.220 220 MM
S.621.U.20.240 240 MM
S.621.U.20.260 260 MM
S.621.U.20.280 280 MM
S.621.U.20.300 300 MM
S.621.U.20.320 320 MM
S.621.U.20.340 340 MM
Dia. 2.5 MM
S.621.U.25.180 180 MM
S.621.U.25.200 200 MM
S.621.U.25.220 220 MM
S.621.U.25.240 240 MM
S.621.U.25.260 260 MM
S.621.U.25.280 280 MM
S.621.U.25.300 300 MM
S.621.U.25.320 320 MM
S.621.U.25.340 340 MM
Dia. 3.0 MM
S.621.U.30.180 180 MM
S.621.U.30.200 200 MM
S.621.U.30.220 220 MM
S.621.U.30.240 240 MM
S.621.U.30.260 260 MM
S.621.U.30.280 280 MM
S.621.U.30.300 300 MM
S.621.U.30.320 320 MM
S.621.U.30.340 340 MM
Dia. 3.5 MM
S.621.U.35.180 180 MM
S.621.U.35.200 200 MM
S.621.U.35.220 220 MM
S.621.U.35.240 240 MM
S.621.U.35.260 260 MM
S.621.U.35.280 280 MM
S.621.U.35.300 300 MM
S.621.U.35.320 320 MM
S.621.U.35.340 340 MM
Dia. 4.0 MM
S.621.U.40.180 180 MM
S.621.U.40.200 200 MM
S.621.U.40.220 220 MM
S.621.U.40.240 240 MM
S.621.U.40.260 260 MM
S.621.U.40.280 280 MM
S.621.U.40.300 300 MM
S.621.U.40.320 320 MM
S.621.U.40.340 340 MM
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Frequently Asked Questions

A square nail for ulna is a surgical implant used to stabilize and fixate fractures in the ulna bone. It is a rod-shaped implant that has a square cross-section, which provides greater stability compared to round-shaped implants.

The surgical procedure for inserting a square nail for ulna involves making an incision in the skin over the fracture site and drilling a hole through the bone. The square nail is then inserted through the hole and secured in place with screws.

The square shape of the nail provides superior rotational and angular stability compared to round nails, which can help prevent malalignment and promote faster healing. The larger surface area of the nail also distributes the load over a greater area, reducing stress on the bone and promoting bone healing.