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Self-Drilling Schanz Screws are orthopedic implants used for the fixation of bones. They are unique because they have self-drilling capabilities, which means that they can be inserted into the bone without the need for pre-drilling. These screws come in different sizes, including 32mm and 52mm thread lengths.


  Length 6 Inch (150 MM)
S.1008.06.32.45 Dia. 4.5 MM
S.1008.06.32.50 Dia. 5.0 MM
  Length 8 Inch (200 MM)
S.1008.08.32.45 Dia. 4.5 MM
S.1008.08.32.50 Dia. 5.0 MM

52 MM Thread

  Length 6 Inch (150 MM)
S.1008.06.52.45 Dia. 4.5 MM
S.1008.06.52.50 Dia. 5.0 MM
Length 8 Inch (200 MM)
S.1008.08.52.45 Dia. 4.5 MM
S.1008.08.52.50 Dia. 5.0 MM
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All implants are exclusively made of Stainless Steel 316L, LVM & Titanium Grade V Ti-6Al-4v-ELI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Self-drilling Schanz screws have a self-drilling capability that allows them to be inserted into the bone without pre-drilling. Regular Schanz screws require pre-drilling before insertion.

The main advantage of using self-drilling Schanz screws is that they reduce the time required for bone fixation surgery. Since there is no need for pre-drilling, the overall time taken for surgery is reduced. Additionally, self-drilling screws can reduce the risk of thermal damage to the bone caused by the heat generated during pre-drilling.

It is important to ensure that the correct size and thread length of the screw is used for the specific surgical procedure. Additionally, the surgeon should ensure that the screw is inserted at the correct angle and depth to avoid complications such as malpositioning or overdrilling. Proper sterile techniques should also be followed during the surgical procedure.