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Dia. 9,10,11,12, MM

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The Recon Nail is a surgical implant used for the treatment of complex fractures of the femur, particularly those involving the neck of the femur or the intertrochanteric region. It is a short intramedullary nail made of stainless steel or titanium alloy and is designed to be inserted through a small incision in the skin and guided down the hollow center of the femur to the site of the fracture. Once in place, the nail provides support to the fractured bone, allowing it to heal and helping to restore normal function to the leg.Despite its many benefits, the use of the Recon Nail carries some risks, including infection, nerve damage, and failure of the implant to properly support the fractured bone. Patients considering this type of surgery should discuss the risks and benefits with their surgeon to determine if it is the best course of treatment for their individual needs.


Dia. 9.0 MM
S.611.09 Length 22 cm T. 2308.9
Dia. 10.0 MM
S.611.10 Length 22 cm T. 2308.10
Dia. 11.0 MM
S.611.11 Length 22 cm T. 2308.11
Dia. 12.0 MM
S.611.12 Length 22 cm T. 2308.12
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Recon Nail Short is a surgical implant used to treat fractures of the femur. It is specifically designed for use in cases where a shorter nail is required, such as in patients with shorter femurs or when a longer nail is not appropriate.

The Recon Nail Short is inserted into the femur through a small incision using minimally invasive surgical techniques. The nail is then secured in place using locking screws, which provide stability and support for the healing bone.

The use of a Recon Nail Short can lead to faster healing times and better outcomes for patients with femur fractures. The shorter length of the nail allows for less disruption to the surrounding tissue and can help reduce the risk of complications such as infection or implant failure. Additionally, the use of locking screws provides greater stability and support for the healing bone, allowing patients to return to normal activities more quickly.