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A nut and bolt are two separate threaded fasteners that are used together to hold two or more objects in place. The bolt has a cylindrical shaft with threads along its length, while the nut is a small metal block with a threaded hole in its center. The bolt is inserted through the objects being joined, and the nut is screwed onto the end of the bolt, creating a secure connection.


S.1213.01 Connection Bolt
S.1213.02 Nut
S.1213.03.S Wire Fixation Bolt Side Slotted
S.1213.03.C Center Slotted
  Multiple Pin Fixation Bolt
S.1213.04.02 02 Hole
S.1213.04.03 03 Hole
S.1213.04.04 04 Hole
S.1213.05 Single Pin Fixation Bolt
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Genius Ortho Private Limited

Genius Ortho Private Limited was found in 2008 by a group of entrepreneurs after having a decade of experience in the field of orthopaedic implants manufacturing. Genius Ortho Private Limited now is the leading company in India specialize in the Orthopaedics Industry. Genius Ortho Private Limited will always achieve this position by professional pursuing excellence and by dedicating ourselves in improving the quality and serving all our customers.

All implants are exclusively made of Stainless Steel 316L, LVM & Titanium Grade V Ti-6Al-4v-ELI.

Our products of Orthopaedic implants and instruments are not only qualified with the certification of FDA, CE, GMP regulations, but also compliant with ISO Quality Assurance Standards.









Frequently Asked Questions

Nuts and bolts can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and titanium. The choice of material depends on the specific application and the required strength, corrosion resistance, and other properties.

The size of the nut and bolt you need depends on the size of the objects you are joining and the required strength of the connection. The diameter of the bolt is the most important factor to consider, and you should choose a nut that matches the thread size of the bolt. It's also important to choose a nut and bolt that are long enough to ensure a secure connection.

It's important to tighten the nut and bolt enough to create a secure connection, but not so tight that you risk damaging the objects being joined or stripping the threads. The ideal torque or tightness depends on the specific application and the materials being used. Consult the manufacturer's instructions or a torque chart for guidance on the appropriate torque for your nut and bolt.