MINI STRAIGHT PLATE ( With Gap & Without Gap)


MINI STRAIGHT PLATE ( With Gap & Without Gap)


Category:Maxillofacial Implants



( With Gap ) 1.5mm
S.1601.15.2 2hole T.1701.15.2
S.1601.15.3 3hole T.1701.15.3
S.1601.15.4 4hole T.1701.15.4
S.1601.15.5 5hole T.1701.15.5
S.1601.15.6 6hole T.1701.15.6
S.1601.15.8 8hole T.1701.15.8
S.1601.15.10 10hole T.1701.15.10
( With Gap ) 2.0mm
S.1601.20.2 2hole T.1701.20.2
S.1601.20.3 3hole T.1701.20.3
S.1601.20.4 4hole T.1701.20.4
S.1601.20.5 5hole T.1701.20.5
S.1601.20.6 6hole T.1701.20.6
S.1601.20.8 8hole T.1701.20.8
S.1601.20.10 10hole T.1701.20.10
( With Gap ) 2.5mm
S.1601.25.2 2hole T.1701.25.2
S.1601.25.3 3hole T.1701.25.3
S.1601.25.4 4hole T.1701.25.4
S.1601.25.5 5hole T.1701.25.5
S.1601.25.6 6hole T.1701.25.6
S.1601.25.8 8hole T.1701.25.8
S.1601.25.10 10hole T.1701.25.10
( Without Gap ) 1.5mm
S.1602.15.2 2hole T.1702.15.2
S.1602.15.3 3hole T.1702.15.3
S.1602.15.4 4hole T.1702.15.4
S.1602.15.5 5hole T.1702.15.5
S.1602.15.6 6hole T.1702.15.6
S.1602.20.8 8hole T.1702.15.8
S.1602.15.10 10hole T.1702.15.10
S.1602.15.12 12hole T.1702.15.12
S.1602.15.14 14hole T.1702.15.14
S.1602.15.16 16hole T.1702.15.16
S.1602.15.18 18hole T.1702.15.18
S.1602.15.20 20hole T.1702.15.20
( Without Gap ) 2.0mm
S.1602.20.2 2hole T.1702.20.2
S.1602.20.3 3hole T.1702.20.3
S.1602.20.4 4hole T.1702.20.4
S.1602.20.5 5hole T.1702.20.5
S.1602.20.6 6hole T.1702.20.6
S.1602.20.8 8hole T.1702.20.8
S.1602.20.10 10hole T.1702.20.10
S.1602.20.12 12hole T.1702.20.12
S.1602.20.14 14hole T.1702.20.14
S.1602.20.16 16hole T.1702.20.16
S.1602.20.18 18hole T.1702.20.18
S.1602.20.20 20hole T.102.20.20
( Without Gap ) 2.5mm
S.1602.25.2 2hole T.1702.25.2
S.1602.25.3 3hole T.1702.25.3
S.1602.25.4 4hole T.1702.25.4
S.1602.25.5 5hole T.1702.25.5
S.1602.25.6 6hole T.1702.25.6
S.1602.25.8 8hole T.1702.25.8
S.1602.25.10 10hole T.1702.25.10
S.1602.25.12 12hole T.1702.25.12
S.1602.25.14 14hole T.1702.25.14
S.1602.25.16 16hole T.1702.25.16
S.1602.25.18 18hole T.1702.25.18
S.1602.25.20 20hole T.1702.25.20