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A mini screw hex (cortical) is a small orthopedic implant used to fix fractures or stabilize bones in the body. The screw has a hexagonal head, which allows for easy insertion and removal using a specialized screwdriver. The screw is made of stainless steel or titanium and has a threaded shaft that allows it to be screwed into the bone. The cortical designation indicates that the screw is designed for insertion into the hard, outer layer of bone (cortex) rather than the softer inner bone (medulla).Mini screw hex (cortical) is commonly used in orthopedic procedures such as fracture fixation, fusion of small joints, and correction of bone deformities. Its small size allows for minimal invasion and quick healing times. It is commonly used in foot and ankle surgery, hand surgery, and facial surgery.


S.1627.10 10mm T. 1726.10
S.1627.12 12mm T. 1726.12
S.1627.14 14 mm T. 1726.14
S.1627.16 16 mm T. 1726.16
S.1627.18 18 mm T. 1726.18
S.1627.20 20 mm T. 1726.20
S.1627.22 22 mm T. 1726.22
S.1627.24 24 mm T. 1726.24
S.1627.26 26 mm T. 1726.26
S.1627.28 28 mm T. 1726.28
S.1627.30 30 mm T. 1726.30
S.1627.32 32 mm T. 1726.32
S.1627.34 34mm T. 1726.34
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Frequently Asked Questions

A mini screw hex (cortical) is a small diameter screw used in orthopedic surgeries to secure bone fragments or plates to the bone. They are typically used in cortical bone, which is the hard, dense outer layer of the bone.

A mini screw hex (cortical) has a smaller diameter than traditional screws and is designed specifically for use in cortical bone. They also have a hexagonal head, which allows for easy insertion and removal.

A mini screw hex (cortical) is a small screw used in orthopedic surgery to fixate bones, particularly in the hand, wrist, and foot. It has a hexagonal head that allows for easy insertion and removal with a specialized tool. It is called a "cortical" screw because it is designed to be inserted into the dense outer layer of bone known as cortical bone.