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A metaphyseal locking plate is a type of orthopedic implant used to treat fractures of the long bones, such as the femur and tibia. The plate is designed to fit along the metaphyseal region of the bone, which is the wider part of the bone near the joint, and is secured in place with locking screws. The locking screws provide greater stability and a more secure fixation compared to conventional non-locking screws, which rely on the bone to hold them in place. The plate and screws are made of a biocompatible material, such as titanium, which is strong and lightweight, and is well-tolerated by the body. The use of a metaphyseal locking plate is indicated when the fracture involves the metaphysis or the transition zone between the metaphysis and diaphysis, and when there is a need for additional support or stability beyond what can be achieved with other types of fixation devices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A metaphyseal locking plate is a medical device used in orthopedic surgery to stabilize and support fractures of the bone near the joint, known as the metaphysis. It is used to provide stable fixation in the metaphyseal region of long bones, such as the femur and tibia.

A metaphyseal locking plate works by providing rigid fixation of the bone fragments. It is designed with a locking mechanism that allows screws to be threaded into the plate and locked in place, creating a stable construct. This prevents any movement of the fracture, allowing the bone to heal properly.

One of the main advantages of using a metaphyseal locking plate is that it provides stable fixation of the bone, allowing for earlier mobilization and faster healing time. Additionally, the locking mechanism of the plate allows for stronger and more stable fixation compared to traditional non-locking plates. The plate also allows for multiple screws to be placed at different angles, providing versatility and flexibility in the surgical procedure.