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A locking screw is a type of screw that is commonly used in orthopedic surgery to provide stability and support to bones during the healing process. The 3.5mm locking screw is a specific type of locking screw that has a diameter of 3.5mm. These screws are made of high-strength materials such as titanium or stainless steel, and feature a special thread design that allows them to lock securely into a plate or other implant.The 3.5mm locking screw is often used in combination with locking plates and other internal fixation devices to treat fractures of the long bones in the body, such as the femur or tibia. The screws are inserted into the bone through small incisions, and then locked in place with a specialized tool that compresses the screw and the plate together.Overall, the 3.5mm locking screw is a versatile and effective tool that can be used to treat a wide range of orthopedic conditions, and is often an important part of the surgical toolkit for orthopedic surgeons.


S.1501.12 12mm T.2201.12
S.1501.14 14mm T.2201.14
S.1501.16 16mm T.2201.16
S.1501.18 18mm T.2201.18
S.1501.20 20mm T.2201.20
S.1501.22 22mm T.2201.22
S.1501.24 24mm T.2201.24
S.1501.26 26mm T.2201.26
S.1501.28 28mm T.2201.28
S.1501.30 30mm T.2201.30
S.1501.32 32mm T.2201.32
S.1501.34 34mm T.2201.34
S.1501.36 36mm T.2201.36
S.1501.38 38mm T.2201.38
S.1501.40 40mm T.2201.40
S.1501.42 42mm T.2201.42
S.1501.44 44mm T.2201.44
S.1501.46 46mm T.2201.46
S.1501.48 48mm T.2201.48
S.1501.50 50mm T.2201.50
S.1501.52 52mm T.2201.52
S.1501.54 54mm T.2201.54
S.1501.56 56mm T.2201.56
S.1501.58 58mm T.2201.58
S.1501.60 60mm T.2201.60
S.1501.65 65mm T.2201.65
S.1501.70 70mm T.2201.70
S.1501.75 75mm T.2201.75
S.1501.80 80mm T.2201.80
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Frequently Asked Questions

A locking cancellous screw is a type of surgical implant used to fix fractures in the bone. It is a specialized screw designed for use in the spongy or cancellous bone, which is found at the ends of long bones like the femur or humerus. It is unique in that it has a threaded end that engages with the bone, and a locking mechanism that prevents the screw from backing out of the bone.

A locking cancellous screw works by first being inserted into the bone using a specialized drill. As the screw is driven into the bone, the threads engage with the cancellous bone, creating a secure hold. Once the screw is in place, a locking mechanism is engaged, which prevents the screw from backing out of the bone. This creates a stable fixation of the bone fragments, which can then heal together.

The benefits of using a locking cancellous screw include increased stability of the bone fragments, which can lead to improved healing and faster recovery times. The locking mechanism of the screw prevents the screw from backing out of the bone, which can reduce the risk of implant failure or the need for revision surgery. Additionally, the specialized design of the screw allows it to be used in a variety of different fracture types and locations, making it a versatile tool for orthopedic surgeons.