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Dia. 9,10,11,12 MM

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A femur nail, also known as an intramedullary nail, is a medical device used in orthopedic surgery to treat fractures of the femur (thigh bone). It is a long, narrow rod made of metal that is inserted into the center of the femur and held in place with screws or locking bolts. The goal of using a femur nail is to provide stability and support to the fractured bone, allowing it to heal properly.There are several types of femur nails, including solid and cannulated (hollow) nails, and nails with different shapes and angles to fit different types of fractures. The nail is usually inserted through a small incision near the hip or knee, and guided through the center of the bone using x-ray or other imaging techniques.Femur nails are often used in cases where a fracture cannot be treated with external fixation or other methods, or in cases where the fracture is in a location that is difficult to immobilize with a cast. They can also be used in combination with other surgical techniques, such as bone grafting or joint replacement, to restore function to the affected limb.


  Dia. 9.0 MM  
S.609.09.340 Length 340 mm


T. 2307.9.340
S.609.09.350 Length 350 mm


T. 2307.9.350
S.609.09.360 Length 360 mm


T. 2307.9.360
S.609.09.370 Length 370 mm


T. 2307.9.370
S.609.09.380 Length 380 mm


T. 2307.9.380
S.609.09.390 Length 390 mm


T. 2307.9.390
S.609.09.400 Length 400 mm


T. 2307.9.400
S.609.09.410 Length 410 mm


T. 2307.9.410
S.609.09.420 Length 420 mm


T. 2307.9.420
S.609.09.430 Length 430 mm


T. 2307.9.430
S.609.09.440 Length 440 mm


T. 2307.9.440
S.609.09.450 Length 450 mm


T. 2307.9.450
S.609.09.460 Length 460 mm


T. 2307.9.460
  Dia. 10 MM  
S.609.10.340 Length 340 mm


T. 2307.10.340
S.609.10.350 Length 350 mm


T. 2307.10.350
S.609.10.360 Length 360 mm


T. 2307.10.360
S.609.10.370 Length 370 mm


T. 2307.10.370
S.609.10.380 Length 380 mm


T. 2307.10.380
S.609.10.390 Length 390 mm


T. 2307.10.390
S.609.10.400 Length 400 mm


T. 2307.10.400
S.609.10.410 Length 410 mm


T. 2307.10.410
S.609.10.420 Length 420 mm


T. 2307.10.420
S.609.10.430 Length 430 mm


T. 2307.10.430
S.609.10.440 Length 440 mm


T. 2307.10.440
S.609.10.450 Length 450 mm


T. 2307.10.450
S.609.10.460 Length 460 mm


T. 2307.10.460
  Dia. 11 MM  
S.609.11.340 Length 340 mm


T. 2307.11.340
S.609.11.350 Length 350 mm


T. 2307.11.350
S.609.11.360 Length 360 mm


T. 2307.11.360
S.609.11.370 Length 370 mm


T. 2307.11.370
S.609.11.380 Length 380 mm


T. 2307.11.380
S.609.11.390 Length 390 mm


T. 2307.11.390
S.609.11.400 Length 400 mm


T. 2307.11.400
S.609.11.410 Length 410 mm


T. 2307.11.410
S.609.11.420 Length 420 mm


T. 2307.11.420
S.609.11.430 Length 430 mm


T. 2307.11.430
S.609.11.440 Length 440 mm


T. 2307.11.440
S.609.11.450 Length 450 mm


T. 2307.11.450
S.609.11.460 Length 460 mm


T. 2307.11.460
S.609.12.340 Length 340 mm


T. 2307.12.340
S.609.12.350 Length 350 mm


T. 2307.12.350
S.609.12.360 Length 360 mm


T. 2307.12.360
S.609.12.370 Length 370 mm


T. 2307.12.370
S.609.12.380 Length 380 mm


T. 2307.12.380
S.609.12.390 Length 390 mm


T. 2307.12.390
S.609.12.400 Length 400 mm


T. 2307.12.400
S.609.12.410 Length 410 mm


T. 2307.12.410
S.609.12.420 Length 420 mm


T. 2307.12.420
S.609.12.430 Length 430 mm


T. 2307.12.430
S.609.12.440 Length 440 mm


T. 2307.12.440
S.609.12.450 Length 450 mm


T. 2307.12.450
S.609.12.460 Length 460 mm


T. 2307.12.460
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Frequently Asked Questions

A femur nail is a medical device used in orthopedic surgeries to repair a broken femur bone. It is inserted into the intramedullary canal of the bone to provide stability and support during the healing process.

Using a femur nail to repair a broken femur bone has several benefits. It allows for earlier weight bearing and mobilization, reduces the risk of infection, and results in a smaller incision and less soft tissue damage compared to traditional open surgery. It also has a higher success rate and lower complication rate than other methods of treatment.

A femur nail, also known as an intramedullary nail, is used to stabilize fractures in the femur (thigh bone). It is inserted into the intramedullary canal of the femur and acts as an internal splint to support the bone while it heals.