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Dia. 2,2.5,3,3.5,4,4.5 MM

Category:Trauma Implants

Ender's nail is a type of intramedullary nail used for fixation of fractures in long bones. The nail is inserted into the medullary canal of the bone and then fixed in place using screws. Ender's nail is made of stainless steel or titanium and is available in various sizes to accommodate different bone sizes. The design of Ender's nail allows for compression of the fracture site, which promotes healing and reduces the risk of displacement.It is important to note that Ender's nail requires specialized instrumentation for insertion and removal, and should only be performed by a trained orthopedic surgeon. Additionally, patients with certain medical conditions or those taking certain medications may not be suitable candidates for Ender's nail fixation. A thorough evaluation by an orthopedic specialist is necessary to determine the appropriate treatment plan for each individual case.


Dia. 2.0 MM
S.622.20.140 140 MM
S.622.20.160 160 MM
S.622.20.180 180 MM
S.622.20.200 200 MM
S.622.20.220 220 MM
S.622.20.240 240 MM
S.622.20.260 260 MM
S.622.20.280 280 MM
S.622.20.300 300 MM
S.622.20.320 320 MM
S.622.20.340 340 MM
S.622.20.360 360 MM
S.622.20.380 380 MM
Dia. 2.5 MM
S.622.25.140 140 MM
S.622.25.160 160 MM
S.622.25.180 180 MM
S.622.25.200 200 MM
S.622.25.220 220 MM
S.622.25.240 240 MM
S.622.25.260 260 MM
S.622.25.280 280 MM
S.622.25.300 300 MM
S.622.25.320 320 MM
S.622.25.340 340 MM
S.622.25.360 360 MM
S.622.25.380 380 MM
Dia. 3.0 MM
S.622.30.140 140 MM
S.622.30.160 160 MM
S.622.30.180 180 MM
S.622.30.200 200 MM
S.622.30.220 220 MM
S.622.30.240 240 MM
S.622.30.260 260 MM
S.622.30.280 280 MM
S.622.30.300 300 MM
S.622.30.320 320 MM
S.622.30.340 340 MM
S.622.30.360 360 MM
S.622.30.380 380 MM
Dia. 3.5 MM
S.622.35.140 140 MM
S.622.35.160 160 MM
S.622.35.180 180 MM
S.622.35.200 200 MM
S.622.35.220 220 MM
S.622.35.240 240 MM
S.622.35.260 260 MM
S.622.35.280 280 MM
S.622.35.300 300 MM
S.622.35.320 320 MM
S.622.35.340 340 MM
S.622.35.360 360 MM
S.622.35.380 380 MM
Dia. 4.0 MM
S.622.40.160 160 MM
S.622.40.180 180 MM
S.622.40.200 200 MM
S.622.40.220 220 MM
S.622.40.240 240 MM
S.622.40.260 260 MM
S.622.40.280 280 MM
S.622.40.300 300 MM
S.622.40.320 320 MM
S.622.40.340 340 MM
S.622.40.360 360 MM
S.622.40.380 380 MM
S.622.40.400 400 MM
S.622.40.420 420 MM
S.622.40.440 440 MM
4.5 MM
S.622.45.280 280 MM
S.622.45.300 300 MM
S.622.45.320 320 MM
S.622.45.340 340 MM
S.622.45.360 360 MM
S.622.45.380 380 MM
S.622.45.400 400 MM
S.622.45.420 420 MM
S.622.45.440 440 MM
S.622.45.460 460 MM
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ender's nail is used to treat fractures in long bones of the body, particularly the femur and tibia. It is a type of intramedullary nail that is inserted into the bone to stabilize the fracture and allow it to heal.

Ender's nail is inserted into the bone through a small incision made at the top of the bone. A hole is drilled into the bone and the nail is inserted into the marrow cavity. The nail is then gently hammered into the bone until it reaches the fracture site.

Ender's nail is a minimally invasive technique that has several advantages over other types of internal fixation devices. It requires only a small incision and causes less damage to the surrounding soft tissues. This results in less pain, reduced scarring, and faster recovery times for patients. Ender's nail is also less likely to cause infections or other complications associated with larger incisions and more invasive techniques.