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Double pin distractor is a medical device used to distract and maintain the desired distance between two bones during orthopedic surgery. It consists of two pins with pointed ends that are inserted into the bone on either side of the surgical site and a frame that can be adjusted to apply the necessary force to distract the bones.


S.1303.100 Length               100 mm
S.1303.150 Length               150 mm
  Length              200 mm
  Length               250 mm
  Length               300 mm
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Genius Ortho Private Limited

Genius Ortho Private Limited was found in 2008 by a group of entrepreneurs after having a decade of experience in the field of orthopaedic implants manufacturing. Genius Ortho Private Limited now is the leading company in India specialize in the Orthopaedics Industry. Genius Ortho Private Limited will always achieve this position by professional pursuing excellence and by dedicating ourselves in improving the quality and serving all our customers.

All implants are exclusively made of Stainless Steel 316L, LVM & Titanium Grade V Ti-6Al-4v-ELI.

Our products of Orthopaedic implants and instruments are not only qualified with the certification of FDA, CE, GMP regulations, but also compliant with ISO Quality Assurance Standards.









Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturers typically use medical-grade stainless steel or titanium to make double pin distractors because they are biocompatible and have high strength-to-weight ratios.

No, double pin distractors are typically single-use medical devices, meaning they are disposed of after one use. This is to prevent the risk of infection or contamination between patients.

Double pin distractors can be used in various orthopedic surgeries to distract and maintain the desired distance between bones, which is crucial for achieving proper alignment and stability. They can help minimize soft tissue damage, reduce the need for additional instruments, and provide greater control over the surgical site.