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The Distal Humerus Dorsolateral with Support Locking Plate is a surgical implant used to treat fractures and other injuries of the distal humerus. The plate is designed to be fixed to the lateral side of the humerus and provide stability and support to the bone while it heals.The plate is made of titanium or stainless steel and has multiple screw holes to allow for secure fixation to the bone. It also features a locking mechanism that helps to prevent screw back out and promotes faster healing.The Distal Humerus Dorsolateral with Support Locking Plate is typically used in conjunction with other surgical techniques, such as bone grafting or internal fixation, to help repair and stabilize the fractured bone. It is important that the plate is placed correctly and securely to prevent further damage to the bone and surrounding tissues.Overall, the Distal Humerus Dorsolateral with Support Locking Plate is an effective tool in the treatment of distal humerus fractures and can help patients regain function and mobility in the affected arm.


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S.1520L,R.14 14hole T.1520.L,R14
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Distal Humerus Dorsolateral with Support Locking Plate is a type of orthopedic implant used in the treatment of fractures of the distal humerus, specifically those that occur in the dorsolateral area of the bone. It is designed to provide additional support to the bone while promoting healing.

The plate is surgically attached to the distal humerus bone using screws or other fixation devices. Once in place, it provides support to the bone and allows for better alignment during the healing process. The locking plate feature allows for greater stability and prevents the bone from moving during the healing process.

Candidates for this type of implant typically include patients who have suffered a fracture of the distal humerus in the dorsolateral area of the bone. This can occur due to a traumatic injury, such as a fall or a motor vehicle accident, or as a result of a chronic condition, such as osteoporosis. Your orthopedic surgeon will evaluate your individual case and determine if this type of implant is appropriate for your treatment.