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D. H. S. Plate Short Barrel (Round Hole) Exporter Manufacturer

SS CAT NO : S. 216

ANGLE : 120° , 125° , 130° , 135° , 140° , 145°

Size : Length 2 to 16 Hole

Category:Trauma Implants

D.H.S. (Dynamic Hip Screw) Plate Short Barrel with a round hole is an orthopedic implant used in the fixation of fractures of the proximal femur, such as intertrochanteric and subtrochanteric fractures. The plate is designed to be implanted using a lag screw that compresses the fracture fragments, stabilizes the fracture, and promotes healing.The plate has a short barrel that allows for the screw to be placed close to the bone surface, reducing the risk of implant prominence and irritation of the surrounding soft tissues. The round hole in the plate allows for easy insertion and adjustment of the screw.D.H.S. Plate Short Barrel with a round hole is commonly used in elderly patients with osteoporotic bones and is known for its reliable fixation and good clinical outcomes.


S. 216.S D. H. S. PLATE LONG BARREL (Round Hole)
S.216.S.02 02 Hole
S.216.S.03 03 Hole
S.216.S.04 04 Hole
S.216.S.05 05 Hole
S.216.S..06 06 Hole
S.216.S.07 07 Hole
S.216.S.08 08 Hole
S.216.S.09 09 Hole
S.216.S.10 10 Hole
S.216.S.11 11Hole
S.216.S.12 12 Hole
S.216.S.13 13 Hole
S.216.S.14 14 Hole
S.216.S.15 15 Hole
S.216.S.16 16 Hole
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Frequently Asked Questions

A D.H.S. plate with a short barrel and round hole is used for fixing fractures in the femur bone. The short barrel design allows for a minimal insertion point and helps to reduce the risk of damage to the surrounding soft tissue.

The implantation of a D.H.S. plate with a short barrel and round hole requires a surgical procedure. The surgeon makes an incision in the skin over the affected area, aligns the fractured bone, and places the plate on the bone with screws. The plate and screws hold the bone in place and allow for proper healing.

The main advantage of using a D.H.S. plate with a short barrel and round hole is that it allows for a minimally invasive surgical approach. This means that there is less damage to the surrounding soft tissue and the patient experiences less pain and a faster recovery. Additionally, the plate design provides stable fixation of the fractured bone, which is essential for proper healing.