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For Humerus / Tibia / Femur

Connection Rod 08 mm

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Aesculap Type External Fixator is a type of external fixation device used in orthopedic surgery to stabilize bone fractures, correct bone deformities, and lengthen bones. It consists of metal bars, screws, and pins that are fixed to the bone and held together with connecting rods, allowing for precise adjustment of bone alignment and length.


For Humerus / Tibia / Femur
S.1101.01 Aesculap Clamp                                         4.5 mm X 8.0 mm
S.1101.02 Aesculap Clamp                                         8.0 mm X 8.0 mm
Connection Rod 08 mm
S.1101.03.04 Length                                         04 Inch (100 MM)
S.1101.03.06 Length                                         06 Inch (150 MM)
S.1101.03.08 Length                                        08 Inch (200 MM)
S.1101.03.10 Length                           10 Inch (250 MM)
S.1101.03.12 Length                           12 Inch (300 MM)
S.1101.03.14 Length                        14 Inch (350 MM)
S.1101.03.16 Length                           16 Inch (400 MM)
S.1101.03.18 Length                           18 Inch (450 MM)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Aesculap type external fixator is commonly used to treat complex fractures, non-healing fractures, bone infections, and deformities in the bones of the arms and legs.

The procedure involves making small incisions in the skin and inserting metal pins and screws into the bone. The pins and screws are then connected to the external frame with rods and clamps. The surgeon may adjust the frame during surgery or in follow-up appointments to ensure proper bone alignment.

The device may cause pain, swelling, or discomfort in the affected area, and there is a risk of infection or pin loosening. Rarely, the device may fail to stabilize the bone or may need to be removed due to complications. It is important to closely monitor the device and follow up with the surgeon as directed to minimize the risk of complications.